Sani pass to Durban

20 September 2010

The ride down from Sani pass was a sort of "Lord of the Rings" type of experience. The mist that forms from the humid air ascending up the Drakenburg cliffs engulfs the winding road and makes a special environment for lush, colorful vegetation. The road was terrible, forcing me to walk the bike downhill for much of the time. The slow pace is beneficial, however, since it enables you to fully savor this incredible landscape.
Top of Sani pass

... in the middle ...

... at the bottom ...

my path on Sani pass road

I expected the dirt road to end at the South African immigration, which is 14 km down the pass, but, no, they decided to "upgrade" the road again for another 24 km. I wasn't much upset about that, anyway, the Murphy law couldn't bother me any more. The final stage to the Indian ocean goes through the hills, covered mostly with sugar cane fields, and although it was a difficult roller-coaster ride, everything was forgotten once I stood on the ocean beach, celebrating the victory at the ending point of the trip.

Sugar cane harvest
Indian ocean - THE END

Day 26: 69 km. Day 27: 130 km. Day 28: 64 km. Total: 3307 km.

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